(without the strict food plans, hours in the gym and endless pots of coffee)

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You and I have a few things in common.

We're obsessed with scaling our business and we think about it around the clock. We work hard, take risks and show up day after day to create our own path in life.

You want to have impactful and meaningful output during your working hours - the kind of work that PUSHES your business FORWARD...

...but you're waking up tired.

Your brain is foggy and you can't think clearly.

Your work output is suffering and your energy drags all day.

Even worse? It's slowing down your business growth and that just isn't going to cut it.

As your day goes on, the quality of your work deteriorates and afternoons are wasted doing "busy work" just to feel like you're still productive. You work is interrupted. You are distracted easily by things that aren't important and you have trouble staying focussed because of that dreaded afternoon energy slump.

Your sleep is inconsistent at best and you know that the food you are eating isn't helping you feel any better. There are days when you don't take more than 2000 steps and you're REALLY feeling the effects of your inactivity.

You tell yourself it's all normal because you are in the "hustle and grind" phase of your business. On top of that, everyone around you is tired so you've unconsciously accepted it as the status quo and never questioned whether it was normal....

...or if you still WANT it to be normal.

You don't need convincing that getting enough sleep and eating whole, unprocessed foods is important, not only for your waistline, but for knocking out brain fog and feeling awake all day.

And you've probably already figured out that checking your email and social notifications throughout your work day is seriously hurting your flow. If humans actually had the ability to function at a high level on only 5-6 hours of sleep per night and take out food, we'd all be productivity NINJAS.

After all, we know that it's completely possible to feel full of energy all day long... but being an entrepreneur means you're BUSY and you don't have time to figure it out. Coffee feels much easier short term... but there is only so much coffee you can drink.

I know exactly what you are going through and I can help you 100%. I help business owners just like you optimize their body by launching them into a state of peak performance.

It might feel frustrating and hopeless right now because your schedule is jammed packed and it's hard to imagine feeling completely energized and focussed...

But this is what I do ALL DAY LONG.

I can help you, step by step, completely optimize your body from the ground up so you can give your business the focus it needs to make more more money, scale super easily and serve more customers.

"Tanessa is AMAZING. She is positive, compassionate, encouraging, and a wealth of knowledge. Finding Tanessa was the best thing I have ever done. She is a coach who will help you find your potential and reach it. She doesn't just focus on eating and workouts, she digs deeper to find out how she can help you change your mindset and achieve your goals." - Nicole Brazzale  


  • What might it be like to wake up in the morning and feel well rested? With high level, stable energy from the moment you open your eyes to the moment your head hits the pillow at night?

  • What it would be like to be in the zone or in "flow"? To have hours pass and still feel fully engaged and focused? To be able to sit down at your desk and produce high quality work for extended stretches of time?

  • To feel clear, undistracted and dialled in on exactly what needs to get done without waffling in confusion or indecision?

  • What if you had the energy to grow your business for 8+ hours per day and be able to get ahead? What if you NEVER battled with willpower and could stay disciplined with your routines?

  • What if you could learn faster and apply quicker? Make those BIG decisions that move you further ahead? Make MORE money, scale SUPER easily and serve WAY more clients?

The key ingredient to all of this is a simplified, step-by-step, streamlined & minimalist approach to giving your physiology a makeover. 

And with your permission, that is what I'd LOVE to show you how to create.


The Complete, 4 Month One on One Program for Optimizing Your Body & Elevating Your Focus So You Can Scale Your Business Faster.

I've taken everything I've learned from over 14 years teaching health and fitness (with thousands of hours spent helping clients completely up-level their health) and channeled it into a comprehensive coaching program that teaches you not only the SCIENCE, but the actual EXECUTION of how to start getting results NOW. 

I'm not talking about just another training program - this is a STEP BY STEP IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM that uses YOUR sleep data, cutting edge nutritional science and workplace optimization to get you in FLOW.

Yup, you'll definitely learn what foods make you foggy & unfocussed and why it's so hard to fight off that 1PM energy slump...

...but more importantly, you'll work with me 1:1 every single week. I will hold you accountable and show you how to implement everything. 

YOU'LL HAVE A METICULOUS PLAN THAT LEAVES NOTHING OUT. I will give you a simple sleep recovery plan that is supported by whole food nutrition & coaching.

  • Monitoring your sleep data closely and making changes to enhance the quality of your sleep so you feel wide awake when you hit your desk each day.
  • Balancing your hormones with upgraded nutrition so that you have stable, consistent energy all day long.
  • Enhancing your work environment and implementing strategies to easily slip into 'flow state' each and every day.
  • Personalized coaching on optimal stress management techniques and mindset tactics to bring your body back into balance and keep you focussed on what really matters.

This process is about getting your own transformation and achieving BREAKTHROUGHS in your business over and over again.

It's about seeing exactly what needs to happen with your health on a holistic level and CHOOSING to act on it.

So I guess the only question left is...


"Tanessa helped me gain back the motivation and rebuilding myself not only physically, but mentally. Ultimately the effort you put in will show, and she helps you with your journey. She has this natural ability of making the sessions fun and exciting. I look forward to seeing her, talking about the next big goals and how I can achieve them with her help. I’m extremely happy with my results so far." - Sharon Sandhu 

“Tanessa’s knowledge of fitness and ever-so-refreshing perspective on health and well-being took me from a life of dancing in circles to one grounded on an understanding of flexibility and balance. Tanessa will help you uncover your true potential and use it to achieve what may seem like your wildest of dreams.” - Holly Potozny  

"I absolutely love my sessions with Tanessa. She is super knowledgable, energetic and motivating. I have reached goals I never thought possible because of her continued effort to challenge me. Tanessa designs every program to fit my goals and address my weaknesses and follows up every week to answer any questions and provide additional support to make sure I'm progressing towards my goals." - Erica Monk