This is just the beginning.

Ready to become a human BEING instead of a human DOING?

I can help you eliminate brain fog and boost your productivity, energy and focus with modern science and biohacking.


Hear from some of my clients about their experience!

Eman now gets great sleep, eats 3 nutritious meals per day and has boundaries around her business that allow her to feel healthy, clear & focussed every day.

Melissa felt major improvements in her well being and sleep week after week. She feels healthier, no longer gets daily headaches and is waking up energized.

Rachel optimized her sleep, food and exercise routine so she could feel good and show up 100% for her family and her business.

Ysaline increased her productivity after implementing an exercise routine she loved. She started sleeping better and stopped feeling so tired.

Katty gained a new perspective on body image and implemented simple food, sleep and de-stress hacks to boost her energy and productivity.

Sara was able to make pivotal life decisions easier and up level her life after clearly being able to see where she was struggling.

I help you be more than just your business.

You're sitting on your couch at the end of a fulfilling and highly productive work day.

It wasn't jam packed, but felt efficient.

Nothing felt rushed. 

It felt easy. 

Your mind was clear because you woke up so sharp and ready to take on the day.

You ate good food, you moved, you worked.

And then you turned your work brain off.

Everything feels completed today.

 And now you’re free to catch up with family or your favorite Netflix show, the underlying buzz of stress, anxiety or overwhelm isn't there.

You aren't exhausted.

You aren't still thinking about work.

You aren't zoning out into your phone and wasting the special moments like spending time with your kids, a walk with your dog. A dinner with your partner. An evening with a book. Drinks with friends.

Undistracted. Present. Energized. Healthy.

Sound like a fairytale?

It’s not. 

I get it, I'm an entrepreneur too.

We always like to postpone feeling healthy, happy, peaceful and connected until AFTER we reach an income milestone or a certain number of clients.

The problem is, if you show up to that milestone feeling the same way you do now, it will feel the exact same when you get there.

And that’s where I come in.

It’s time to finally recognize that your health, both mental and physical, are just as important as your business growth.

>>>> Book in a no-strings attached, judgement-free consultation so we can see where you’re at, and build a plan together to get you where you want to be

At the very least, you’ll walk away knowing there’s hope for you, and with a few small changes you can make to start seeing a difference right away. 

At best? We’ll start the process of building routines, systems and processes (just like you do for your business) so that you’re always feeling good.  

 You’ll discover what it’s like to have a healthy body and clear brain that makes every level of business easier. 

I help you become a human BEING, not a human DOING.

And, I do it based on science and YOUR data, week after week as we find the perfect health plan for you.

>>> Take the first step and decide that you deserve to feel better now.

We can spend an hour talking about you, what you're struggling with and a step by step plan detailing how I can help you create the healthiest, most present version of yourself.

See you on the call,

P.S. This call is absolutely judgement-free. No matter how bad you feel like your lifestyle is, I promise I’ve seen worse. It’s time to take the first step towards reclaiming your brain. 

Ready to feel well rested, energized and focussed in your business?

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