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To the ENTREPRENEUR who wants to take their health, energy and clarity to the next level:

Build a System for Your Health That Is Created from Data & Science

That Fits Seamlessly Into Your Busy Schedule

Your Brain Is the Most Important Asset In Your Business.

If you’ve been searching for a high calibre, intimate community of  driven 6&7 figure entrepreneurs who prioritize their health AND their business – this is it.

Are you ready to optimize your health using wearable tech insights, personalized coaching & biohacking so you can get a higher ROI for the time & money you spend in your business?

“I have been shouting Tanessa from the rooftops to anyone that will listen. It’s not just some cookie cutter plan, it’s about figuring out what works best for my body. 

Now I can show up at my best for my family and for my business and just feel good. I’m showing up with more energy and having fun doing it!”

“I was really struggling to build healthy habits into my routine. Through my work with Tanessa, I figured out what was right for me and how to build up to that. 

I learned the steps to take in order to have a routine that worked for me at night, in the morning, with my exercising, with my eating and the stepping stones to get there. Now I’m set up for success in the easy times and the hard times.”


This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to elevate from good to GREAT.

Business is going good and you know that with the way you want to grow it this year, you’re going to need to level up too.

You’re ready to start feeling higher, more consistent levels of energy during the day and drive up your productivity with a clear, focussed brain.

Because when your brain is sharper, you work more efficiently & get things done faster. 

This frees up YOUR time to either make more money or spend that time living the life you started your business for. (#FeelingPresent #FamilyTime)

It’s like a limitless pill for your brain.

Ready to save a ton of time?

You’re smart. You don’t need convincing that getting enough sleep, eating whole, unprocessed foods and moving more is important.

You know exactly WHAT to do but don’t have the time to spend hours on Google trying to put the perfect plan together & figure out what works.

You just want someone to tell you exactly what to do to maximize your time, get the most bang for your buck how to implement it consistently.

What you need is a proven, data driven system for optimizing your brain and your health so you can reach peak performance.



My name is Tanessa Shears & I’m a health consultant, entrepreneur and mom of 2 little girls.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 16 years teaching health and fitness (with thousands of hours spent helping clients completely up-level their health) and channeled it into a comprehensive coaching program that teaches you not only the SCIENCE, but the actual EXECUTION of how to start getting results NOW


“I think the community is amazing because you get to learn from what other people are going through. When you’re there for other people and you see that you could really help them, you realize that you can also help yourself. Plus, being on those group calls has the benefit of community and the benefit of one to one coaching.”

“The community was really awesome. You don’t even have to have your camera on, you don’t even have to be participating but just listening to what other people are going through really helps because oftentimes that’s what you’re going through too and sometimes they’ll say things that you didn’t even have the words to say yourself.”

If you’re ready to…


With cutting-edge biohacking strategies & wearable tech insights, we can personalize everything to YOU and get you in to peak performance. You'll never have to guess if something you're doing is working ever again OR stay stuck in information overload.


You’ll undergo a complete mindset calibration to recognize and eliminate behaviours that don’t serve the future CEO version of you. With science based resilience-building techniques & coaching, you'll strengthen your mental & physical resilience to help face business & life challenges.


With personalized sleep quality enhancement, nutrition & energy mastery and tailored exercise protocols backed by wearable tech data, we will boost energy and productivity so you can achieve peak mental clarity & performance.


Implement techniques that integrate your new, healthy lifestyle with your demanding work schedule. Ditch the overwhelming stress that comes with the time constraints of running a successful business & learn how to maintain a successful health routine, even during busy seasons.

…then with your permission, that is what I’d LOVE to show you how to create.


Becoming Limitless

The comprehensive health & performance system for 6&7 figure entrepreneurs who want to optimize their health and achieve sustainable energy & focus without it feeling like ANOTHER demanding task or time constraint.


“I’m not tired anymore and have finally found an exercise routine that I love. Tanessa really has the key to switch you from being tired all of the time to full of energy by improving your sleep. I have been way more productive in my business and in my life, I’m so thankful for it. She will help you get your energy back.”

Watch Ysaline share her story on video.


“My favorite part was the group calls and getting the actual individualized coaching on those calls was what helped me break through the issues I had around sleep and pretty quickly, through your coaching, helped me get to the bottom of it.” 

Watch Gina share her story on video.

Becoming Limitless

What’s Inside


The CEO Sleep System

Using your Oura ring, we optimize your sleep & routines so you lay the foundation for waking up well rested, having consistent, stable energy and feeling on your game all day long. 



How to use wearable tech (like an Oura ring!) to know exactly what changes to make with your sleep routines

Exactly how much sleep you should be getting and what the ideal sleep start and end time is for you

How to maximize your evening routine and wind down your brain for excellent sleep so that you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night (even if you have to travel for work or be out socializing!)

The pivotal changes you need to make to your bedroom to minimize sleep disruptions, nighttime wake ups and protect your sleep quality

The 4 biohacks to begin implementing consistently for focussed, high energy mornings that allow you to get more done and be clear headed in your business.


 Walk away with a plan to fully optimize your sleep & a series of strategies in place for how to accommodate work, travel & social nights out.



Melissa L.

Melissa wanted to improve her sleep, feel better and get rid of headaches that were slowing her down. She knew her health was not where it could be and really wanted to prioritize it. 

After learning how to track her sleep and use her data to optimize her routines, sleep schedule and meal timing, she saw measurable progress and improvements week to week, month to month.

Now, her whole family is on a better sleep schedule, she is getting deeper sleep and is waking up more energized. 

She’s able to be more productive in her business because she feels better and no longer has headaches. She learned how to balance being an entrepreneur while not sacrificing her health.

Watch Melissa share her story on video.


The Brain Food Method

In this nutrition and food focussed phase, we laser in on what and when you’re eating through the lens of stable energy and brain clarity. Get ready to eliminate the brain fog that is slowing you down and finally sail through the afternoon without crashing and losing your ability to stay focussed.



Implementing my signature meal planning system  protocol so you always have healthy, whole foods ready to go, planned, prepped and in your fridge for when you need to eat (without being in the kitchen everyday)

The 6 part framework for designing your “health protocol” that includes your favorite foods so you don’t fall off track again

Which foods are causing your brain fog and what you need to be eating more of (and less of!) to boost energy and maintain focus


 Walk away with a completed weekly meal planning process that is scheduled into your calendar full of whole foods that are chosen to make you fitter, faster and more focussed.  





Jennifer struggled with eating consistently, had given up trying to figure out breakfast and often would skip meals out of convenience. She regularly ordered from DoorDash & had no system in place for eating healthy, whole foods.

After learning how to make decisions around food and feel confident knowing how to balance her plate, she stays full between meals and has consistent stable energy throughout the day.

Now, she eats 3 balanced meals per day and has implemented a system for preparing really delicious meals that she is excited to eat every day.

She has healthy food prepared, in the fridge & ready to go. In Jennifer’s words, “I feel like a completely different person from when I started!”

Watch Jennifer share her story on video.


The Resilient Framework

In this movement & mind focussed phase, learn how to disengage your nervous system and create more presence in your life in the face of stress. Through exercise, mindset work and deliberately increasing your capacity to tolerate stress, you will become resilient & fully focussed in your business and your life.



A science based plan to move more and exercise in a way that boosts recovery and energy (and fits easily into your weekly routine!)

How to direct your thinking and your focus on demand so you consistently create the results you want and stay disciplined.

Implementing the 3R Framework so you can intentionally disengage your nervous system when you are stressed out

The 6 strategies you can use to build resilience and increase your capacity to handle stress so unexpected events don’t throw you off your game

Redefining your relationship with digital stress and ruthlessly eliminating distractions in your work environment and during your personal time with a digital detox


 Walk away with a toolbox of strategies for confidently staying in control of your decisions and your life when things get stressful or busy so you don’t lose time (and money!) spiralling out in overwhelm.  



Eman Z.

Eman felt like everything she had was going into her business. She was eating one meal per day, sleeping 3-4 hours per night and there was no room for anything else in her life other than her 2 companies. Her stress was off the charts and there was no room for anything.

When she found The Becoming Limitless Program, all of that changed.

After implementing a framework for decision making and a complete mindset shift around being okay with prioritizing herself,  she has rewired the way she thinks about her health.

Now, she’s sleeping 7.5 to 8 hours per night, eating 3 healthy meals and has boundaries around her business. After years of wrapping up around 2-3am at night, she now wraps up by 5pm and it’s a dream. 

In Eman’s words, “I don’t think if you had told me I would be here a year ago that I would’ve believed you. I am doing just as much work, both my companies have grown in the last year and I still have my boundaries.”

Watch Eman share her story on video.


Maintenance & Lifestyle

Stepping into the next level CEO is not just about getting these habits RIGHT, but evolving your habits until they slide seamlessly into your life and become who you are. This is where you BECOME limitless.


You practice with repetition & coaching and continue to evolve your habits until they slide seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

You embody the fit, healthy, successful version of the CEO you’ve always wanted to be

You learn how to adapt when circumstances change

You take your health as seriously as you take your business

Together, with the support and encouragement of Tanessa, you put the final pieces together of being the living example of what is possible for you, your energy, your focus and your life.



Becoming Limitless is a comprehensive health and performance system for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs that focuses exclusively on helping them achieve optimal health & well-being using wearable technology insights, personalized coaching & biohacking.

I'll be personally supporting you with...

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Learning is a collaborative experience and we want to make sure you’re not only acing the material, but executing with excellence. Think of these calls as a safe haven for the community to gather together, train, coach and strategize as you fully optimize your mind & your health. This group is intentionally kept small so you get the 1-1 attention you deserve. 

Personalized Coaching In Our Private Slack Community

Inside our community, you’ll have full access to me 5 days a week with a response time of 24 hours. Think of this as your personal concierge that you can tap into during moments of growth or doubt. This is the place to go to ask all of your pressing questions, for support, individualized  coaching and advice, & most importantly, to celebrate all of your wins along the way.  Engage with fellow successful, like minded entrepreneurs who are focusing on building a health first mindset

3 Full Training Programs

On demand access to the curriculum that is designed to guide you through a complete transformation. With short 10-15 minute video lessons, accompanying notes and a list of goal outcomes for each section, you’ll always know exactly what to work on next. The training programs are designed for The CEO Sleep Lab, Brain Food & Resilient phases.

Monthly Coaching Accelerators

Focus on optimizing your results, one area at a time. Each month, we take one piece of The Becoming Limitless System and workshop on it, strategize, coach on and refine the exact steps you’ll need to take to step into peak performance. As a bonus, you’ll get access to recordings of our past accelerators including: The Time Freedom Accelerator, Bedtime Bootcamp & 30 Day Walking Challenge.

…and more, like a tailored health assessment, weekly micro workshops and a collection of resources called The Biohacking Success Suite to help you succeed.

I'd love to invite you to join

Becoming Limitless

If you’re ready to optimize your health & wake up well rested so you can get a higher ROI for the time & money you spend in your business, join today!

Option 1

Only $299 Per Month

Join us for $299 USD/mo, month to month, cancel anytime and get access to all of the content, coaching, community and calls within the program.

NOTE: Becoming Limitless requires the separate purchase of an Oura Ring (Starts at $299)

Option 2

6 Months for $1795

PLUS we’ll send you an Oura Ring – a $300 value! 

…and it gets even better.

After your 6 months end, you can stay a part of this driven community for a only $199 USD/mo, month to month, cancel anytime. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

That’s over $900 savings over a year!
($5.99/mo Oura Ring app subscription not included)


Questions Fellow CEOs Are Asking...

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have a long term vision for their health and their business and are not looking for instant results and trendy fads.

You won’t just develop new habits in Becoming Limitless, but a lifestyle where these habits seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, whether you’re in your regular routine, travelling or in a busy season. 

You’ll get:

  • Health Audit Intake Form: This includes a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire so we can establish a baseline for your health.
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching/Q&A. Come together with the community and receive live coaching, support and guidance after a micro weekly workshop on Wednesdays at 11am PST. Replays are available. 
  • Slack Coaching: Inside our community, you’ll have full access to me 5 days a week with response times of 24 hours.
  • Community: Engage with fellow successful, like minded entrepreneurs who are focusing on prioritizing their health
  • The Becoming Limitless Program: Includes 3 signature video programs (The CEO Sleep Lab, Brain Food & Resilient) with short 10-12 minute videos highlighting the strategies for health optimization. 
  • Monthly Coaching Accelerators: Includes deep dive workshops on a new topic each month to refine your routines and give you the exact steps you need to optimize your results.
  • Printable Lesson Guides: Each training lesson comes with a printable guide to follow along with, make notes on or reference at your convenience.
  • Weekly Accountability Review: Each week, I will share an opportunity to self reflect and identify areas for growth, learning and momentum to keep you moving forward.
  • The Biohacking Success Suite. A collection of the resources you’ll need to succeed, including The Becoming Limitless Progress Tracker, Oura Ring Dashboard, Meal Planning Board & The Comprehensive Health & Performance Blueprint

Tanessa will see you all the way through from beginning to end and you will walk away with the habits and lifestyle of a fit, successful CEO. 
This program is for entrepreneurs who are not only committed to their business success but also equally committed to improving their health and well-being. 

We love working with open-minded learners who take action and are open to being coachable while trusting in the process. I will be there to support you every step of the way, but you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone if it is required of you. 
You won’t be lost in a large group or handed off to a team member. You are working directly with Tanessa.

Here’s what is possible for you with The Becoming Limitless Program:

✅ Your energy & stamina will have increased for more focussed, productive work hours, better decision making skills and quality time with your family
✅ You will experience deeper, more restorative sleep that results in way fewer energy slumps, brain fog and physical fatigue
✅ You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to eat healthy food that creates sustainable energy, fit neatly into your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle.
✅ You will have a custom health protocol that is optimized for you with the exact steps to take each day to achieve peak performance so you no longer have to drown in online information overwhelm.
✅ You’ll know how to use wearable tech & cutting-edge biohacking strategies to get you into peak performance and strengthen your mental and physical resilience to help face business & life challenges.
✅ You’ll have undergone a complete mindset calibration to recognize and eliminate behaviors that don’t serve the future CEO version of you so you can give equal priority to health and business.

After you make your payment, we will reach out within 24 hours with your coaching agreement to sign.

Once your signed agreement is returned, you will be emailed access to the program materials and onboarded into the program and community.

During the intake process, you will have the option to purchase a membership upgrade call if you want a 60m 1:1 call with Tanessa to plan out the exact roadmap you will take for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

To join The Becoming Limitless Coaching Membership, you have TWO options:

1) Join us for $299 USD/month, month to month, cancel anytime and get access to all of the content, coaching, community and calls within the program.

2) Want to pay in full for 6 months and fully commit to your health for the next 6 months? We’ll send you a BONUS GIFT – you’ll be sent an Oura Ring (Silver or Black Heritage Style) within 48 hours of enrolling – a $300 value! ($5.99/mo Oura Ring app subscription not included)

…and it gets even better.

After your 6 months end, you can stay a part of this driven community for only $199 USD/month, month to month, cancel anytime. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Your ability to be mentally sharp without feeling drained at the end of each day is a direct reflection of your Oura ring stats. We’ll do an in depth analysis of your data and help you know exactly what changes to make based on what your data is saying. 

You’ll learn how to read that data and use it to create a custom health protocol that is optimized for you with the exact steps to take each day to achieve peak performance so you no longer have to drown in online information overwhelm.

Because of this, an Oura Ring is mandatory to join the program. 

Want an Oura ring for FREE? Choose the 6 month pay in full option for the Becoming Limitless Coaching Membership and we’ll send you a ring within 48 hours of enrolling. 

You’ll want to apply for the Becoming Limitless Fast Track Program.

With weekly 30 minute 1:1 private coaching calls with Tanessa, you’ll collaborate on a personalized health system that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle?  Apply for her 4 month Becoming Limitless Fast Track Program here

**Right now, this 1-1 private coaching offer is capped at 4 clients in order to deliver the most personalized, high quality service. If spots are filled, you will be offered a spot on our waitlist and will be notified when a spot becomes available.***


“That’s the great thing about working with Tanessa – she brings all the facts to YOU. I didn’t have to go and try to learn all the things, it was just presented. It made it super simple & I don’t have that decision fatigue anymore. Because of the nutrition, the biohacking, the optimizations to my sleep and overall better health, I’m better able to work on my business more throughout the day. I just can’t even say enough good things!

Watch Barb share her story on video.


“If you are searching for what to do, for someone to hold you accountable, for someone who knows their stuff, Tanessa’s the one. She’s going to help you, she’s going to guide you. You can trust her. “

Watch Angela share her story on video.

It's your move, boss.

Let’s get started.

Ready to feel well rested, energized and focussed in your business?

Let’s get started TODAY.

Option 1

Only $299 Per Month

Join us for $299 USD/mo, month to month, cancel anytime and get access to all of the content, coaching, community and calls within the program.

NOTE: Becoming Limitless requires the separate purchase of an Oura Ring (Starts at $299)

Option 2

6 Months for $1795

PLUS we’ll send you an Oura Ring – a $300 value! 

…and it gets even better.

After your 6 months end, you can stay a part of this driven community for a only $199 USD/mo, month to month, cancel anytime. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

That’s over $900 savings over a year!
($5.99/mo Oura Ring app subscription not included)

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